Organic quinoa and oatmeal cake mix with chocolate

(14.1 oz)

Organic mixture of quinoa and oatmeal with fine organic cocoa for easy preparation of cakes. It requires addition of water or milk , oil and eggs .

Yields 1 cake / 12 portions.

  • Good Source of Iron.

  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors.

  • No Preservatives.


  • Unrefined cane sugar* (43.4%)

  • Quinoa* (26.6%)

  • Cocoa powder* (12.8%)

  • Oats* (12%)

  • Baking powder (4.1%)

  • Xanthan gum (0.5%)

  • Vanilla natural flavor (0.4%)

  • Salt (0.3%)

  • *Organic Certification


We are a business that produce healthy food, minimally processed, and handcrafted with whole grains and Andean vegetables. Our products don´t contain preservatives or artificial flavors and its ingredients come mostly from small local farmers. We are natural and sustainable.

The CUSI products look forward to give new uses to the traditional Andean grains and vegetables, creating value through their nutritional value and convenient ways to use ( easy to prepare ).

CUSI comes from the Andean Kichwa language. Kushi means joy.

Address: 8629 NW 54st Doral FL, 33166 

Phone: 561-866-2894




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